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2013 – 5,200 h – 140 hp – 4 WD – semi-powershift – 480/65/28 – 40% – 600/65/38 – 40% – 50 kph – front axle suspension system – air-brake system – air conditioning – Used – very good condition – Farm Tractors
un tracteur 100cv est capable de porter un godet croco de 2.20 m,soit autant qu’un telesco ,les roues de grandes dimension s’en sortent mieux au champ pour charger les tas de fumier. pour serrer et charger des balles dans un champ un tracteur se depace aussi vit,15km/h avec la puissance,il porte 4 balles grace a une fourche arriere,le tracteur est polyvalent on peut y atteler des outils de fenaison qui ne necessitent pas d’utiliser le tracteur de tete,apparament il est aussi plus apte a tirer des remorques sur la route,la visibilite est meilleure,le confort est equivalent.seul avantage du telesco,la hauteur de levee qui est plus importante et permet de charger les remorques avec plus de facilite,et moi je pensait que vue la robustesse du telesco il coutait moins cher  en entretien qu’un chageur,je croyait meme qu’il ne coutait pour ainsi dire rien en frais d’usure contrairement au tracteur chargeur qui lui ca douille,embrayages ,pompe hydro ,pont avant,axes bielettes du chargeur.mais la je suis sur le cul quand j’entends qu’il coute plus cher en entretien.quel frais d’entretien y a t’il tant que ca sur un telesco?
2005 John Deere 9420 Tractor with duals – guidance ready. – Currently sitting on lot. See your LandPro Rep for details. Loading is available: Mon.-Fri. Unit sold as is where is with no warranties written or implied.
Another type of homemade tractors are ones that are fabricated from scratch. The “from scratch” description is relative, as often individual components will be repurposed from earlier vehicles or machinery (e.g., engines, gearboxes, axle housings), but the tractor’s overall chassis is essentially designed and built by the owner (e.g., a frame is welded from bar stock—channel stock, angle stock, flat stock, etc.). As with automobile conversions, the heyday of this type of tractor, at least in developed economies, lies in the past, when there were large populations of blue-collar workers for whom metalworking and farming were prevalent parts of their lives. (For example, many 19th- and 20th-century New England and Midwestern machinists and factory workers had grown up on farms.) Backyard fabrication was a natural activity to them (whereas it might seem daunting to most people today).
2015 – 2 770 h – 360 ch – 4 RM – variation continue – 600/70 R 34 – 30% – 710/75 R 42 – 30% – 40 Km/h – cabine suspendue – relevage avant – pont avant suspendu – vitesses rampantes – poste inversé – climatisation – freins pneumatiques – Occasion – très bon état – Tracteur agricole
In March 1975, a similar type of vehicle was introduced in Sweden, the A tractor [from arbetstraktor (work tractor)]; the main difference is an A tractor has a top speed of 30 km/h. This is usually done by fitting two gearboxes in a row and not using one of them. The Volvo Duett was, for a long time, the primary choice for conversion to an EPA or A tractor, but since supplies have dried up, other cars have been used, in most cases another Volvo. The SFRO is a Swedish organization advocating homebuilt and modified vehicles.
Alvin O. Lombard of Waterville, Maine, invented in 1901 a tractor for hauling logs, as displayed at the Maine State Museum in the capital city of Augusta. Known as “Lombard Log Haulers,” these vehicles revolutionized logging in New Holland , modèle T4.75 , année 2012 , 75 HP , 318 heures , 4×4 , transmission 16×16 / 40KM , inverseur au volant , PTO 2 vitesses , vitesse rampante , chargeur New Holland avec godet de …
Sontrac Equipment Greater Montreal 2016 JOHN DEERE 5085M TRACTEUR UTILITAIRE SÉRIE 5 AVEC CHARGEUR MOTEUR DIESEL 85 HP 70 PTO HP 4 roues motrices 32F / 16R POWEREVERSER TRANS PTO 540 / 540E CABINE …
A variety of specialty farm tractors have been developed for particular uses. These include “row crop” tractors with adjustable tread width to allow the tractor to pass down rows of corn, tomatoes or other crops without crushing the plants, “wheatland” or “standard” tractors with fixed wheels and a lower center of gravity for plowing and other heavy field work for broadcast crops, and “high crop” tractors with adjustable tread and increased ground clearance, often used in the cultivation of cotton and other high-growing row crop plant operations, and “utility tractors”, typically smaller tractors with a low center of gravity and short turning radius, used for general purposes around the farmstead. Many utility tractors are used for nonfarm grading, landscape maintenance and excavation purposes, particularly with loaders, backhoes, pallet forks and similar devices. Small garden or lawn tractors designed for suburban and semirural gardening and landscape maintenance also exist in a variety of configurations.
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An extensive list of antique tractor websites and resources, TractorLinks.com is updated daily. If you have a personal web page with antique tractor photos or antique tractor information, feel free to add your site today! All makes and models are welcome!
John Deere Renewables, LLC, a wind energy plant manufacturing arm which represented John Deere’s extension into the renewable energy industry – under which it had successfully completed 36 projects in eight US states – was sold to Exelon Energy in August 2010.[47]
The tractor was made in 1956. It has the Perkins 4 cylinder diesel for more power than the 3 cylinder. All new filters for engine oil and diesel fuel. You’ll have trouble finding one as good as this a…
In shipyards, bucket wheels are used for the continuous loading and unloading of ships, where they pick up material from the yard for transfer to the delivery system. Bucket chains can be used to unload material from a ship’s hold. TAKRAF’s continuous ship unloader is capable of removing up to 95% of the material from a ship’s hold, owing to a flexibly-configured digging attachment.[1]
2015 – 2 165 h – 1 450 ch – 4 RM – full-powershift – 420.85×28 – 80% – 520.85×38 – 20% – 40 Km/h – relevage avant – pont avant suspendu – climatisation – cabine suspendue – Occasion – bon état – Tracteur agricole
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John Deere’s license covering the internal software on tractor control computers does not allow users to modify the software. This prevents repairs by farmers and creates a monopoly for John Deere dealerships.[48] John Deere claims user repair is forbidden by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, through bypassing of digital rights management.[49] Groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation have criticised this activity.[50][51] Some farmers use Ukrainian versions of John Deere software to circumvent restrictions on repair.[52]
In 1969, John Deere followed its New Generation tractors of the 1960s with a New Generation of combines. These included the 3300, 4400, 6600, and 7700. These models were also the first to come with Quik-Tatch header mounting capabilities as standard equipment. In the 1980s, these combines were followed by the 4420, 6620, 7720, and 8820 that were essentially updated and improved versions of the previous models with larger capacity, a nicer cab, and easier maintenance and service. The 4420 was discontinued in 1984 and replaced by the 4425 combine imported from Germany, and the 6620, 7720, and 8820 received the Titan II updates.
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John Deere 5325 Utility Tractor. John Deere 5325. 67 HP Diesel. Year: 2006. We have a loading dock and will assist in loading your item free of charge. qualityusedequipment is your source for all types of used equipment.
2014 John Deere 2025R Compact Tractor with H130 Loader and 54″ mower deck. – Currently sitting on lot. See your LandPro Rep for details. Loading is available: Mon.-Fri. Unit sold as is where is with no warranties written or implied.
Marteau de demolition pour excavatrice D&A 80V usagé Peut faire sur excavatrice de 6 a 10 tonnes Comme neuf , prêt a travailler +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Pratiquement Tout les dimension …
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New, Tandem Conversion System, possibly also used to convert a single axle trailer in tandem. – increased capacity in soft land. – keeps the excavator in a horizontal position in very rugged terrain. The Ensemble is set up without modification.
Many early row-crop tractors had a tricycle design with two closely spaced front tires, and some even had a single front tire. This made it dangerous to operate on the side of a steep hill; as a result, many farmers died from tractor rollovers. Also, early row-crop tractors had no rollover protection system (ROPS), meaning if the tractor flipped back, the operator could be crushed. Sweden was the first country which passed legislation requiring ROPS, in 1959.
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John deere 5010 turbo tractor. (1969) v5 Synchro gearbox Hours unknown(13000) Excellent condition been painted at sometime . No rust. Import from USA All complete starts and drives perfectly everythin…
Le « LIGHT » kit prévoit uniquement le châssis de fixation, joue le rôle d’interface entre le tracteur et le chargeur, distribue les charges, soutient une partie du système hydraulique et permet l’attelage/dételage rapide du chargeur.
§ If you are a GreenFleet member and the purchase price shown above for this transaction includes GreenFleet discount(s), making any changes to the number of units being purchased may impact the discount amount(s) and purchase price. Prior to finalizing the transaction, your John Deere dealer will verify your GreenFleet eligibility and discount level, which may impact your final purchase price.
The pedal furthest to the right is the foot throttle. Unlike in automobiles, it can also be controlled from a hand-operated lever (“hand throttle”). This helps provide a constant speed in field work. It also helps provide continuous power for stationary tractors that are operating an implement by shaft or belt. The foot throttle gives the operator more automobile-like control over the speed of the tractor for road work. This is a feature of more recent tractors; older tractors often did not have it. In the UK, foot pedal use to control engine speed while travelling on the road is mandatory. Some tractors, especially those designed for row-crop work, have a ‘de-accelerator’ pedal, which operates in the reverse fashion to an automobile throttle, in that the pedal is pushed down to slow the engine. This allows fine control over the speed of the tractor when maneuvering at the end of crop rows in fields- the operating speed of the engine is set using the hand throttle, and to slow the tractor to turn, the operator simply has to press the pedal, and turn and release it once the turn is completed, rather than having to alter the setting of the hand throttle twice during the maneuver.

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