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[…] crew accommodations, a loading area (5) and a rotatable upper excavator section (6) with a boom (7) that is arranged on the opposite end of the vehicle referred to the driver’s cabin (3), characterized in that the energy for the rotational movement of the upper excavator section (6) as well as for the movement of the boom (7) […] v3.espacenet.com
The pedal furthest to the right is the foot throttle. Unlike in automobiles, it can also be controlled from a hand-operated lever (“hand throttle”). This helps provide a constant speed in field work. It also helps provide continuous power for stationary tractors that are operating an implement by shaft or belt. The foot throttle gives the operator more automobile-like control over the speed of the tractor for road work. This is a feature of more recent tractors; older tractors often did not have it. In the UK, foot pedal use to control engine speed while travelling on the road is mandatory. Some tractors, especially those designed for row-crop work, have a ‘de-accelerator’ pedal, which operates in the reverse fashion to an automobile throttle, in that the pedal is pushed down to slow the engine. This allows fine control over the speed of the tractor when maneuvering at the end of crop rows in fields- the operating speed of the engine is set using the hand throttle, and to slow the tractor to turn, the operator simply has to press the pedal, and turn and release it once the turn is completed, rather than having to alter the setting of the hand throttle twice during the maneuver.
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1996 John Deere 8570 4WD Tractor with duals – Currently sitting on lot. See your LandPro Rep for details. Loading is available: Mon.-Fri. Unit sold as is where is with no warranties written or implied.
Two of the pedals on the right are the brakes. The left brake pedal stops the left rear wheel and the right brake pedal does the same with the right side. This independent left and right wheel-braking augments the steering of the tractor when only the two rear wheels are driven. This is usually done when it is necessary to make a sharp turn. The split brake pedal is also used in mud or soft soil to control a tire spinning due to loss of traction. The operator presses both pedals together to stop the tractor. Usually a swinging or sliding bolt is provided to lock the two together when desired.
2015 John Deere 3046R Utility Tractor with loader. Nice Machine! – Currently sitting on lot. See your LandPro Rep for details. Loading is available: Mon.-Fri. Unit sold as is where is with no warranties written or implied.
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Un des fabricants les plus connus de tracteurs antiques était la Société Ferguson du Royaume-Uni. Leurs machines ont survécu aux dernières décennies et sont aujourd’hui connus comme des véhicules anciens. La société Ferguson a été fondée par l’ingénieur Harry Ferguson, qui était un important dans l’ingénierie moderne. Sa conception la  plus réussie de l’entreprise était le Ferguson TE20 1949.
2013 – 5,200 h – 140 hp – 4 WD – semi-powershift – 480/65/28 – 40% – 600/65/38 – 40% – 50 kph – front axle suspension system – air-brake system – air conditioning – Used – very good condition – Farm Tractors
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Esta propuesta de reconversión del parque varietal alcanza a todos los productores con propiedades de hasta 20 hectáreas, quienes tienen la posibilidad de acceder a un financiamiento de hasta 300.000 pesos a tasa cero. twitter.com/revistachacra/…
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