John Deere tractors keep improving. If you need heavy equipment for moving bales of hay on your farm for livestock, for roadside mowing, construction, excavating or pushing snow there are two new John Deere 5 e four-cylinder models that are the right choice with heavy-duty frames and axles, efficient engines and durable transmissions.

The John Deere company has taken their solid market proven utility tractor and made it easier to perform any job on the property or around the farm. These versatile 5e tractors are the right choice for better performance.

The factory installed loader prep package increases this tractor’s versatility especially when paired with the h2 40 loader. Take on any job in all kinds of weather with 3,549 pounds of lift capacity at full loader height this tractor loader combo can pick up and move heavy loads quickly.

With the addition of Deere’s new 24 12 power reverser transmission, you have increased efficiency and field applications and transport.

You now get even more speed ranges to handle any task. Shift from high to low via push buttons on the gear shift lever.

No clutching is required so you get easy forward and reverse shifting, plus extended clutch life and more operating comfort.

With a 33% increase in top speed, you’ll get more done in less time. You know that operating a tractor loader with this ability is a big deal.

The new sloping hood and raised operator platform on cab models give you over three and a half feet of extra visibility in front of the tractor. And of course, better sight lines mean higher operator efficiency and comfort when performing the many repetitive tasks that a loader is called on to do.

John Deere has also made new design changes to the control pod and the instrument panel for easier monitoring and operating control. On the open operator station tractors, the pod that includes the throttle, PTO, SCV and draft control is now on the right side for easier access. With a new LCD instrument cluster,  the equipment operator can see ground speed, the PTO speed and the engine hours all at the same time. On top of that, the driver can now view important indicators such as PTO, target bar power, reverse or position high-low indicator and warning lights and remember the role mode switch is included to cycle through diagnostic codes not only is this LCD LED screen easier to read in bright and dark lighting conditions.

The tractor’s control panel layout allows better access to new electro-hydraulic four-wheel-drive controls, lighting key switch, and turn signals.

Other operator comforts have also been included – a new cup holder makes it easy to take coffee or a cold beverage along, put your jacket along with tools or other items on the newly designed flat seat base of our open operator station.

The tractors key design features built into these new 5 e tractors are ease of maintenance and increased uptime. A tractor that is not on the job loses time and money so these tractors are the right choice for more uptime. The new slide-out condenser radiator screen, tiltable charge air cooler and slide-out oil cooler allow you to quickly access the cooling system components to clean debris with no tools. If it’s easy to clean it will get cleaned so you’ll never lose time with an overheated engine in tough conditions.

Attaching rear implements to the three-point hitch is now easier than ever with new standard sway bars and telescoping draft links. No tools are required to attach or detach implements. That’s going to be appreciated when hooking up heavy implements that can match the rear hitch lift capacity of over 3,200 pounds.

If you’re on the construction site after the dinner bell and into the evening you can now enjoy the new high output LED work lights that are a field installed option. On the cab models, the light intensity from the two front and two rear corner mounts is much brighter compared to halogen lights. The equipment lighting helps the operator get more work done long after sunset. Downtime in the hay field is not an option when you only have the weekend to get the job done.

The new John Deere 5e 4-cylinder with its spring-loaded regeneration switch makes it all automatic. On the go minimizing Park Tree generations and maximizing uptime cost of operation is also a reason these tractors are the right choice.

Economy PTO comes standard on all 5e 4-cylinder transmissions letting you reduce engine RPMs down to 1700 with full PTO speed for many applications. This can reduce fuel consumption up to 20% per hour of operation depending on the model and load. That’s not all because you save money on maintenance as well.

The new John Deere 5e 4-cylinder offers best-in-class service intervals that are up to 1200 hours between hydraulic fluid and filter changes. Eight-five percent of the 5e tractors are sold with loaders. Savin money on the purchase price of a new 5 e four-cylinder tractor with a factory installed loader prep package includes all mounting frames and a hood guard this saves dealer prep time which saves you time and dollars also save money when you add hydraulic versatility and capability. Why replace when you can stack customized with stackable mid and rear selective control valves instead of having to change out an SCV block to add another hydraulic valve? You now have a simple upgrade at a low cost. This John Deere tractor upgrade features greater overall capacity, versatility, and economy. At this purchase price, it’s all important but don’t overlook lower tractor operating costs. When you add it all up you’ll see that the new John Deere 5e 4-cylinder is the right choice.



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“comprare John Deere d110 +trattori compatti”

Compressore A/C trattore John Deere 5215-5300-5310-5315-5400-5410-5415-5500-5515 Monta perfettamente su questi altri modelli di trattore: MANITOU Sr. MHT MANITOU Sr. MVT 100% made in Italy. Realizzate interamente in Italia. 1 anno di garanzia. Codice iniezione 24 per ordine:14097 Prodotto nuovo imballato e originale – no copie – no cinesi – no rigenerati Marco Gavazza Cell:380/6837883 Uff: …


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